Probspot productions
Here you will find samples of some of probspot releases and remixes.

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Probspot tracks  
probspot - foreplay sample
probspot - blueberry sample
probspot - bobcat sample
probspot - discoteque sample
probspot - waveform sample
probspot - drifter sample
probspot - hard or soft sample
probspot - G.S.H sample
probspot - 1997 sample
probspot - highlight sample
probspot - obsession sample
rico soarez - tv-dinner sample
rico soarez - timeless sample

Probspot remixes  
space manuevers part 3 (probspot remix) sample
locust - aerospace (probspot remix) sample
young parisians feat. ben lost - jump the next train (probspot remix) sample
signal runners - 3000 miles away (probspot remix) sample
andrew bennet - ocean drive (probspot remix) sample
endre - i kill for you (probspot remix) sample
noel sanger - my prayer (probspot remix) sample